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Sell Photo files of different size and format


Sell video files of different size and format


Sell audio files and music of different size and format


Sell documents of different size and format


Sell projects and digital assets of different size and format

Upload files to your data storage account

Sell through or your webpage

Receive payments for each file sold on your account

Uploads files or folders into your data storage account. You can sell pictures, videos, audio, books, software or any other file type.
Opens a specific file gallery (folder)
Sets the price for each file or folder:
  • move mouse onto specific file and click on the icon
  • save info. For photos, you can specify multiple prices for different sizes
  • minimum price of one file is 1.00€
To publish web store on your website, register your PRO or Business account and get a ready-to-use embeddable code in file folder options.

To publish a folder in your public catalog:
  • open "My files" section in the upper menu
  • find a folder, you need to publish
  • press on "Actions" icon
  • press "Show these files in your public file catalog"
Open the received link to a file folder or choose a file in store
Click on the file and the purchase form pops up:
  • moves cursor on the file and presses the buy icon
  • for photos, chooses the right resolution
  • pays via payment card
File is instantly downloadable for this particular user, as well as being copied to the buyers account.
Receive e-mail about particular sale with all of the information: seller, buyer, price, date and sellers provided licence
Receive e-mail about particular sale with all of the information: seller, buyer, price, date and sellers provided licence
Receives the money!
Generate invoice via "Royalties" tab indicating receivers info, VAT and bank account.
How it works
Store and sell files of any size and type. Easy administration and customization options.
Encryption is used and secure payments. You can specify private access and publicity rights.
Visitors can purchase and receive files instantly 24/7.
Everywhere and your file store is available anywhere in the world and adapted for mobile devices.


Business account owners can embed several file folder galleries to their website’s sections via ready-to-use code for each folder. File gallery on your website will adapt to the space provided and will be mobile-friendly.
HTML Version
Subscribe and upload
Create Business account, upload folders and set the prices

Get the code
In each file folder options get a ready-to-use embeddable code

Paste the code
Copy & paste the HTML code into your website’s content management system

Ask for information

Benefits and advantages

We might showcase your product to service users, if appropriate!
Automatic earnings
Set up your digital store and earn automatically from anywhere!
Guaranteed payments
After each file sale, money immediately is stored on your user account!
Automatic delivery
The files are available to the buyer immediately after the payment.
Payment methods
Payments with any payment card are supported.
Reports and statistics
Account reports are available on all transactions, as well as view, purchase and download statistics.
Multilanguage support
Service is available in English, German and Russian, so you can sell at the international level!
Mobile device support
File preview and purchase form has been adapted for mobile devices.
Search engine friendly
Support of file tags, descriptions and meta info, that are search engine friendly


Unlimited files and custom prices
Sell files in unlimited quantities! Files will be available in your catalog as long as you want! You can change the publicity and access rights.
Low fee per transaction
On the use of the system, payments and delivery of content, we will withhold only 10% of the transaction + 0,50 eur.
Terms of Use
You have the options to provide your own use rights to your products, like application, duration and reproduction amount.
Privately and publicly
Your files do not necessarily have to be available for purchase for everyone - you can also make private and one-off transactions, without disclosing the file access to public. You can share only via link.
Create your own account, upload files and set up your file store today!
Create Business account and start earning
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